Yoga in Taos, New Mexico

Beginning with where the body is at and focusing on the breath throughout the practice, we do a series of postures that develop strength, flexibility, will, concentration & balance. With a presence of mind, body & spirit we work the muscles of the body as well as the internal organs & systems in the body.

I teach yoga postures to stretch and work all the major muscle groups of the body. My goal is to use yoga postures as a means to bring awareness to the body, to nourish the body through movement and devlelop balanced strength & flexibility.

One hour classes are designed to generally stretch the whole body. Classes over an hour are designed to spend extra time focusing on a particular area or areas of the body providing a deeper experience.

Movement, Awareness, Stillness

Finding inner stillness, having an awareness of breath, feeling how dynamic the breath is in each posture. This is what yoga is about for me. Stretch out your body, connect with spirit through the postures, move towards greater health. Yoga can lead to a stronger and more flexible body. It can calm you and make you feel better. It is an opportunity to learn how to relax completely.

If you live here or while you're visiting Taos,
I invite you to come practice...


In Their Own Words - Unedited

"Yoga with you is always helpful and great. I wish I could attend your class every day." Holly, Taos, New Mexico

"In one hour Monica is able to cover all important aspects of the body in such a way that flows from one pose to the next - continually opening the body in a way that is simple yet complete. The end result is that you feel a sense of completion in your practice as if everything important was covered. I've studied wih many teachers in a 30 year period and find this unique experience with Monica."
Charly, Taos, New Mexico

"Monica Martin's yoga classes are part of what I love most about Taos. (And that is a pretty amazing list! But I digress...) Monica shares by DOING with her students the postures, stretches and the entire yoga routine as she brings it with warmth and enthusiasm, to beginners and advanced students alike, every single time! To anyone who has experienced "teachers" who are more than willing to TELL you what to do, but hardly ever get down on the mat and DO IT, this is a delightful change. Monica is dedicated and always upbeat...If she is having a bad day, she has "compartmentalized it" so effectively that all we students ever get is her best! Last year, due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to leave Taos for 6 1/2 months. I tried to find, in my home-state of Connecticut, anyone who could even attempt to hold a candle to Monica and her classes, quite unsucessfully. Back in Taos last August, I was delighted to find that Monica was still gifting us with her amazing, enlightening practices, at each and every class. THANK YOU, Monica! You certainly deserve to be listed among Taos' 'Remarkable Women!'"
Sharon, Taos, New Mexico